1 Caroline Home (small)
2 Caroline Home (large)
3 Caroline Home (large)
4 Caroline Home (medium)

Welcome to the website of Caroline Bailey, RSW. A contemporary artist whose paintings are inspired by landscape, sea and still life.

4 Caroline Home (large)

Latest Paintings

Inspired by a love of where land and sea meet the footprints of human activity. Caroline’s paintings are vibrant and emotive.

Tulips Cherries and Figs

63 x 63 cm | £2500
Tulips Cherries and Figs

Latest Printmaking

Caroline’s monotype prints are closely related to her paintings yet have their own unique character.

Yellow Hillside

30 x 30 cm | £300
Yellow Hillside

Waterfalls above Sligachan

25 x 25 cm | £250
Waterfalls above Sligachan

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